Why Choose Us

Lowest price Guarantee

You compare of bikes from multiple models and offer you the lowest priced bike available at the time. You may compare Auto or call taxi, Economically and user friendly bike is a best choice.

Quality Motorcycles

We have a large fleet of bikes categories. All the bikes provided to you are of recent models. You will have the bikes models from 2016 onwards. However we also have different types of bikes for you .

Roadside Assistance

We are provide GPS-tracking stand you with the best in class road side assistance in Coimbatore. So just ride out and forget about hassles coming across on your way with your favorite Relax Bikes.

Low security Deposit &
100 % Money back Guarantee

Our deposit are as low as Rs.1000/- So just ride out confidence. Renting a bike is not going to make a dent in your pocket.

In case, We could not match your expectations, Just ask and we shall refund you 100 % .
Yes that’s a promise we always keep above all.

Benefits For Customers.

  • Under certain specified conditions, we also provide discount coupons to our customers. You can rent your dream bikes for a small fee and enjoy your ride.
  • We have consistently been serving our customers beyond their expectations levels.
  • We have distinctly listed all the bikes with their specifications which makes it easy to compare for best prices and best deals.
  • Our quality customer service has enabled us develop long-term relationship with our customers.

We give you option with Verified Bikes

Choose from our wide range of bikes at Hourly, Daily and weekly pricing.
Why take a risk of being in a trap of bikes you don’t know?
Now rent with our vast network of trusted and verified bikes always.

Minimum paper work

Our paper work is very less. You don’t need to stress out for it. It’s barely a 5 min process and you can go ahead for your ride within a very short span of time.


We provide you with the bikes which are highly serviced so that you can have an amazing trip. Our bikes are fully serviced after every trip and made fault free for any upcoming trip.

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